Welcome to Made in VA.us

In the tradition of the South, I welcome you to my site
promoting the many fine things that are made in Virginia.

Holt Messerly
My Name is Holt Messerly.
I live in New London, Campbell County,
Commonwealth of Virginia, United States of America.

Fine People, Places and many things of interest from the
Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States of America.


March 2013:

Visit the nice people in the Howardsville Virginia area:

Howardsville General Store

A local convenience store.

Howardsville Historical Society

A local historical society.

Howardsville Canoe Livery

The Premier Canoe and Kayak rental service in the area.

Trees By Tate

A local Tree Pruning Service.


January 2013:

I welcome Steve Dunn to this site!

Steve is an excellent musician. He played the organ
at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Forest, VA for years.

He is about to go on a journey around the world.
I look forward to his accounts of his tour on his new blog.

Good luck Steve! Please post lots of interesting stories
and photos to let us know about your trip!

Click here to go to the Steve Dunn Blog.



December 2012:

I would like to welcome my friend
Bishop Philip Weeks to this site!

You will now find Bishop Weeks' writings and teachings from the former Barnabas Ministries website here: